Hedwig, the Owl

Every student invited to Hogwarts is allowed a pet. This can be either a cat, toad or owl. Owls seem to be the trend these days, as they are useful for communication. The school also provides owls for students to use. While the owls are not serving their owners, they spent time in the owlery.

Hedwig On Harry's first trip to Diagon Alley, Hagrid purchases a snowy owl for Harry as a birthday present. Harry names her Hedwig after a name he found in A History of Magic. For the most part, Hedwig is a loyal friend, though at times she can be rather fickle in her treatment towards Harry.

Just as she had done every year previous when he went to Hogwarts, Hedwig was brought along with Harry as he departed the Dursleys one last time, just shy of Harry's seventeenth birthday. As they and the Order of the Phoenix guard took flight, they were engaged by Death Eaters. During the melee, Hedwig was hit by the killing curse and perished. Harry was devastated by her loss, and thinks of her several times throughout the last book.

Snowy Owls

Snowy owl which comes from the artic regions of the world. Their white feathers provide a camouflage in their native homeland. These owls don't wander very far from the snowfields. In North America, they are rarely seen south of the Canadian border. Snowy owls eat rodents, especially favoring lemmings. They are sometimes known to go after other birds, including birds as large as geese. In reality, these birds are not as smart as they are in the books.