The Name 'Harry'

We know that names are often picked for a reason by JK Rowling. The name of Harry has several alleged roots. The general consensus is that Harry means power, either royal or military power. Here's the variety of meanings I found:

- Army man
- Form of Harold, army-power
- A variant of Henry meaning home or house protector
- War chief

Here's what JK Rowling herself has to say about Harry's name:
'Harry' has always been my favourite boy's name, so if my daughter had been a son, he would have been Harry Rowling. Then I would have had to choose a different name for "Harry" in the books, because it would have been too cruel to name him after my own son. "Potter" was the surname of a family who used to live near me when I was seven years old and I always liked the name, so I borrowed it.
Source: October 2000 Online Interview with